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7 Quick Organizing Projects to Refresh Your Space for Spring

The term “Spring Cleaning” gets a bad rap. It implies a whole lot of work when you’d rather be outside enjoying the first blissful days of Spring.  No one really enjoys getting down on their hands and knees and wiping down the baseboards, do they? Over the years I have found that the process of […]

Pro Organizers Weigh In: The 5 Home Organizing Trends Clients Want Now

Before I was a professional organizer, I was just a girl with a Pinterest board and a love of neatly curated spaces. Now that I’ve staked my claim in pro organizer land, I still find that one of the most enjoyable parts of this gig is keeping up with current home organizing trends. Hellloooo Pantry […]

Open Weave Plastic Organizing Baskets

I was consulting on a pantry last week and as I was going through my product recommendations, I couldn’t stop marveling about just how much I LOVE these baskets from Target. Then yesterday, I happened by an unusually large end cap display of these boxes during a pre-Super Bowl snack run. It occurred to me […]

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