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40 Things To Think About When Planning A Walk In Closet: A Detailed Guide To All Things Closet Design

Photos By Christa Tippmann I distinctly recall standing bundled up in the dead of winter inside the shell of our master closet during our build. Ahh...January in Colorado. But I digress. I was determined to make THE BEST USE of our master closet space. Armed with a roll of blue tape, my ... READ the POST

Simple Holiday Decorating: My Top Tips

I don't think I can properly describe how much I love holiday decorating. Few things make my heart happier than when it is finally time for “the tubs.” Do you have “tubs”?  I bet you do. I have a few plastic storage bins labeled “Fall Decor” (and more than a few for Christmas ... READ the POST

Power Hour: Coat Closet Organization

I don't think much about coat closet organization in summer. I’m always surprised the first time I have to dig gloves out for the season.   It’s usually because we’ve decided at the last minute to stop by a high school football game after dinner. I hastily reach in and grab a couple of ... READ the POST

Organize A Home Gym

It's 5:30 am and I'm freezing. I know I need to work out today or I'll regret it...but I reeeeealllllyyyyy don't want to. I took the time to lay my clothes out last night, and they're staring at me from the kitchen counter. "Get going!" they shout. This is a little trick I learned a few years back ... READ the POST