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Planning An Organized Laundry Room

When we built our custom home, planning and organized laundry room was top priority. Today I’ll walk you through all the details I considered when planning our mudroom/laundry room. An organized laundry room When we were choosing a floorpan, having an combination laundry room / mudroom off the garage was a non-negotiable for me. Our […]

8 Ideas for A Reach-In Closet Layout

Whether you are building a custom home or remodeling, the time will probably come when you need to choose a reach-in closet layout. Gone are the days of a single rod…builders and remodelers know that a well-designed closet layout can help keep your closet organized and bring ease to your daily routine. During our custom […]

Simple Holiday Decorating: My Top Tips

I don’t think I can properly describe how much I love holiday decorating. Few things make my heart happier than when it is finally time for “the tubs.” Do you have “tubs”?  I bet you do. I have a few plastic storage bins labeled “Fall Decor” (and more than a few for Christmas decorations).  Every […]

Power Hour: Coat Closet Organization

I don’t think much about coat closet organization in summer. I’m always surprised the first time I have to dig gloves out for the season.   It’s usually because we’ve decided at the last minute to stop by a high school football game after dinner. I hastily reach in and grab a couple of pairs […]

Back to School Organizing: A Free Ebook

I meant to have this back to school organizing post up before the kids actually went back to school. That didn’t happen. Between rushing around trying to complete our last few summer bucket list items and preparing for their first days… I barely had time to feed and bathe my family. Back to school organizing […]

Jewelry Storage and Organization: Easy Ideas to Try

Chances are, you’ve never given much thought to your jewelry storage system. Maybe you hang your necklaces on a door handle or toss smaller pieces haphazardly into a jewelry box. Maybe you haven’t bothered taking the time to organize your collection because you don’t think you have anything valuable to store. So what!?!?! Jewelry organization […]

Organize A Home Gym

It’s 5:30 am and I’m freezing. I know I need to work out today or I’ll regret it…but I reeeeealllllyyyyy don’t want to. I took the time to lay my clothes out last night, and they’re staring at me from the kitchen counter. “Get going!” they shout. This is a little trick I learned a […]

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