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10 Personal Growth Lessons from My 30s

Have you ever been camping?  If so you’ve probably found yourself awake at 2 AM, needing to go.   You grab your lantern, unzip the tent, and step out into the night.  If it’s a dark night, the walk to a suitably distant location feels a bit unnerving.  You know that there is an entire […]

Last 90 Days Challenge: Free Printable Tracker

I’ll keep this post short and to the point: I created a last 90 days printable tracker and I have the free download for you! I’m excited to challenge myself and finish the year strong by following along with Rachel & Dave Hollis’s Last 90 Days Challenge (if you haven’t heard about it, visit the […]

Back to School Organizing: A Free Ebook

I meant to have this back to school organizing post up before the kids actually went back to school. That didn’t happen. Between rushing around trying to complete our last few summer bucket list items and preparing for their first days… I barely had time to feed and bathe my family. Back to school organizing […]

Organization Affects Our Emotions

I was talking to a friend this week about organizing her home. She mentioned that she might be at a point where she would like some help getting her house organized. “But…” she paused, “I’m embarrassed.” And there it was. The same sentiment that I keep hearing over and over from friends and clients when […]


Every year we say we won’t. “We did it last year, we don’t need to go again.”  “We should save the money.”  “If we’re going to take the time, we should go somewhere new.” And yet, year after year we find ourselves here.

Scheduling Alone Time

This week I did something that I have daydreamed about doing off and on since I became a mom. Something I have wanted to do, thought about doing dozens of times but never actually followed through with. Something the mom shame voice in my head told me was too selfish, unnecessary, unfair to my kids. But this week, I […]

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