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Pro Organizers Weigh In: The 5 Home Organizing Trends Clients Want Now

Before I was a professional organizer, I was just a girl with a Pinterest board and a love of neatly curated spaces. Now that I’ve staked my claim in pro organizer land, I still find that one of the most enjoyable parts of this gig is keeping up with current home organizing trends. Hellloooo Pantry […]

Back to School Organizing: A Free Ebook

I meant to have this back to school organizing post up before the kids actually went back to school. That didn’t happen. Between rushing around trying to complete our last few summer bucket list items and preparing for their first days… I barely had time to feed and bathe my family. Back to school organizing […]

Healthy Pina Colada Recipes

In honor of the current made up holiday, National Pina Colada Day, I wanted to share my favorite healthy Pina Colada Recipes with you today. Pina Coladas are absolutely my #1 favorite beach cocktail. Sadly, I rarely order them on vacation because they tend to be made with heavy, sugary mixers. I usually step off […]

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