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Playroom Organization: Beachy Vibes

This 2-hour project focused on sorting + grouping like toys as well as purging 1 bag of trash and 1 bag of donations.

To begin, we sorted the daughter’s toys into bins according to use {doll clothes, small figurines, Barbie accessories, play dishes, etc.}. As we worked, we threw out broken pieces and stray toys. Each bin now has a clear purpose and is easily accessible for the child to play with. Most importantly, this system will make it easy for her to clean up! The homeowner is going to repaint some of the colored bins and then label them by category.

Next, we created a craft station by clearing out the drawers and surface of this storage unit. Grouping like with like, we stored craft sets vertically to maximize space on right side of the unit. We kept the work surface clear for future creations. Finally, we stowed additional supplies inside the drawers.

We sorted the family’s book collection into categories: Hardback Novels, Paperback Novels, Easy Readers, and Reference Books. First, hardback books were arranged by series on the bottom and top shelves. Then we stowed the other 3 categories of books inside cube organizer bins to reduce visual clutter.

Finally, we made a home for games by placing the homeowner’s existing storage containers inside the closet.

This 2 hour project was completed side by side with the homeowner.