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Have a project in mind?

New Construction, New Start

New Construction Projects are SO fun. Starting with a blank slate allows us to get very intentional about designing an organizing plan that will function according to the client’s lifestyle and storage needs.

The most important part of a new build project like this is the PLANNING.

  • We started by walking the kitchen together and discussing what the homeowner needed to store, and where she thought it would work best to do so.
  • Next, we took measurements of each cabinet to determine which products would fit inside.
  • I created a customized plan, including a detailed shopping list of product suggestions of each space.
  • On Installation Day, we worked through each space to fit the organizing solutions together in a way that felt good to the homeowner.
  • Finally, we labeled to keep the systems we’d created neat + tidy.

If you are building a new home (or moving to a new to you home!), let me help BEFORE you get started. We can make a plan together, ensuring that your home is perfectly organized and your storage is maximized from the start.