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Let's Get Organized!

I’m Organized (Sometimes)

I am an organized person. Obviously. I have a website completely dedicated to home organization. People pay me to get their spaces organized, and I regularly organize my own house for fun and relaxation (if you're rolling your eyes a little at the thought of this... WAIT! I'm going somewhere ... READ the POST

Meal Planning Rut? 15 Easy Dinner Ideas to Try

I am a planner through and through, but when it comes to meal planning lately, I am just not feelin' it. Obviously the current quarantine/empty grocery store/economic crisis is making meal planning a teensy bit more stressful than usual. But to say I am behind on my meal planning is an ... READ the POST

Planning Resources for Staying At Home

I know that planning anything today probably feels overwhelming. How can we plan when there is so much unknown on the road ahead? I've noticed a lot of people are digging into home organizing projects right now (good for you! I'll probably get there soon!), but I would argue that planning is ... READ the POST