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“I have something to show you,” he said.  “Follow me.”

The September sun shone bright, and the car seat felt warm despite the crisp hint of Fall in the early fall morning air.  I rolled down my window as we pulled out of the preschool parking lot.  

We took two cars to drop our daughter off at preschool that morning, so I followed him as he turned down an unfamiliar street in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Soon, we pulled into a cul-de-sac I had never noticed before.  He drove right up into a dirt field full of grass, parked the car and got out.  I did the same.

We stood in the center of the town that I had lived in my entire life.  And yet, I had never noticed this place until that day. 

Looking at the mountains and the lakes, I felt so small beside the possibilities of this blank, beautiful canvas.

“Maybe we could build a home here some day.”

Although designing and building a custom home had always been a far-off + distant dream, that day a seed was planted in my heart.  

I knew that if I nurtured it and let it germinate… one day it had the potential to blossom into something beautiful.

That was seven years ago.  

Empty Lot Before New Construction
Our Lot Pre-Construction, January 2020

This morning, I am heading over to that same lot.

Except it is no longer a dirt field full of grass.  

It’s a tangle of beams and boards, equipment and stray nails. 

In a few months, the seed that we planted so many years ago will become a home built for our family of four.

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Back of House, October 2020

Built4Four is a new series for my blog, and I’m excited to dive into sharing all the details of our custom home building experience with you.

Throughout the custom home building process, I have relied on reading stories and advice of others who have gone through the custom home building process before. I’m excited to have a place to share my own experiences so that they might help someone else out there avoid some of the mistakes and missteps that I made along the way. I had hoped to write these things in real time, but… you know. Building a custom home is hard work!

If you are new here, welcome!

I’m happy you’re here.

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