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Planning an Organized Kitchen Workbook

✔️ journal pages
✔️ inventory worksheets
✔️ printable grid paper
✔️ systems planner
✔️ product selection guide

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hi, I'm suzette

I am a home organizer and stylist who uses my intuitive attention to details to create beautiful, functional spaces for the women I work with.

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I live for natural textures, neutral colors, and vintage accents.

Check out my recent design projects in Northern Colorado.
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Have you ever wanted to create more consistent health and fitness habits? Getting started can be a challenge, especially if you have experienced setbacks in the past.

Setting goals and holding yourself accountable with tracking can be one way to increase your likelihood of success.

This set of 5 printable tracker pages will help you create a customized health journal so you can begin building consistency with your healthy habits

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