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Connection: My One Word Resolution for 2019

You’ve heard of New Year’s resolutions, but have you ever heard of a “one word” for the coming year? The idea registers on my radar more and more as I see acquaintances and media make mention of the term. After reading up on the idea a little bit more (MyOneWord.org is a great resource) I am 100% on board with giving it a try this year.

It is a well known fact that New Year’s resolutions have a pitiful success rate, and yet many of us feel compelled to make them each January anyway. We can’t deny the importance of reflecting at the start of a new year and setting our intentions for the months ahead. If we don’t take the time to chart our course… we will inevitably get swept up in the current of life until another year has passed and we have achieved little to no lasting improvement in our lives. So how can we set goals and resolutions that are achievable and focused without setting ourselves up for inevitable failure? Choosing One Word might be the answer.

I sat down to work on my 2019 goals and listed dreams for several areas of my life : parental, marital, spiritual, etc. When I finished, I had a list of 12 goals which was very thorough, but also a little bit overwhelming. If it’s hard to keep one resolution… how hard will it be to achieve 12 goals? I spent a little more time looking over these aspirations and eventually, it dawned on me that these 12 goals had one major thread weaving through them all. I am seeking more connection in my life. This looks different in different areas, of course, but it is a constant theme. I want to be connected to my family, my body, my soul, my purpose. And suddenly, it doesn’t seem like such a Herculean task. If I spend every day working on just this one aim, my focus will lead to greater accomplishment.

I’m already making little progress.

I’m back in the gym. I’m saying yes to more coffee dates with friends. I’m signed up for an online photography group. I’m pausing to hug my kiddos in the morning for just a few minutes before we start our day. I keep reminding myself that these little moments, the tiny things I do every day to connect myself to the people I love and value are the antidote to the loneliness, depression, and aimlessness that have a tendency to creep in for me when I am not in tune with my spiritual and emotional needs. Little actions add up to big changes… and I’m looking forward to making big changes in 2019 by adding a little more CONNECTION to my life every day.

If you have one word that you are focusing on in the coming year, I would love to hear about it!


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