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Open Weave Plastic Organizing Baskets

I was consulting on a pantry last week and as I was going through my product recommendations, I couldn’t stop marveling about just how much I LOVE these baskets from Target.

Then yesterday, I happened by an unusually large end cap display of these boxes during a pre-Super Bowl snack run. It occurred to me that other people need to know just how great these humble looking little bins are for reaching your home organization goals.

What Makes These Organizing Baskets So Great?

I have used different shapes, colors and sizes of this particular basket everywhere from the garage, to the bathroom, to the pantry. Here’s why I love them:

  • They’re Relatively Inexpensive: At $3-$10 apiece, you can add a few to your cart without making a major investment
  • They’re Sturdy: These are heavy plastic! They’re not flimsy and I can count on them to contain heavier items safely while lifting the basket down from high shelves.
  • They’re A Middle Ground: I love how the open weave gives you a glimpse of the contents without losing the aesthetic appeal/clutter control that you get with a solid option.
  • They’re Easy Clean: These organizing baskets are a breeze to clean with soap and water if they should catch a spill or collect grime.
  • They’re colorful: In addition to basic black and white (which I usually advise), they are available in a range of fun colors that can perk up a space and add a little “fun” with their function.

Target Room Essentials Y Weave Storage Basket

Where Would I Use These?

  • Great for containing rarely used kitchen items (spices, oils) on higher shelves.
  • Use as a liner to protect pantry cabinets from spills.
  • Store dish soap and towels under the kitchen sink.
  • Separate hardware in the garage.
  • Keep kids’ toy sets with small parts together
  • Place on a refrigerator shelf to hold small items (yogurts, cheese sticks)
  • Place shallow bins inside desk drawers to divide office supplies

The options are only limited by your imagination!

As I mentioned, I usually grab these from Target, but I saw a variety pack (7 smaller pieces I think?) last month at Home Goods for only $14.99. Be on the lookout when you’re out and about.

Whether you’re looking to do some clutter control in your bathroom drawers or are working on a pantry organization project… you need these organization bins in your life!


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