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Steal These Affordable VRBO Decorating Ideas

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Last week I shared the cute pink and green retro kitchen details from The Pink Door project, and this week I’m excited to share all the (affordable) VRBO decorating ideas from the living spaces in the house.

If you’re thinking about setting up a vrbo (or just looking for some new living room ideas) you came to the right place!

The kitchen was a pretty big statement, so we reigned in most of our living room decorating ideas and kept things classic, neutral and a just a touch pink.

Check out these awesome pics Brian Martinez, with Colorado Staging + Design, took of this Loveland, CO property.

Photos| Brian Martinez Styling| Suzette Gebhardt Remodel| Deko Design + Construction

The Pink Door


Some of our favorite decor from the project

Affordable VRBO Living Room DecorATING Ideas

We started the project by determining that we wanted a neutral palette with just a hint of pink to serve as the common thread tying each space together. Here are the furnishings we chose:

Classic, durable Sofa

We looked for a clean lined and relatively small scale couch to start with, as it was important not to overwhelm the small footprint of the newly open-floor plan living space. We finally settled on this grey couch (good for VRBO wear and tear and hiding stains). I love the two long seat cushions and the geometric legs.

textural rug

Next, we selected a creamy textured rug, which we love the look of. We may have to replace if it gets too dirty with heavy traffic. But design-wise it was a perfect for softening the room. It defines the living area, and adds some cozy texture to the VRBO living room.

rattan chairs

Finding just the right chairs was a little more challenging… but we found these gorgeous (and affordable) IKEA chairs and it was love at first sight! I love how you can see through them to keep the eye moving. Truly, they add the perfect boho touch to balance out the more modern coffee table and couch.

I love rattan chairs for almost every living room decorating project. Even if it’s not your primary seating, the addition of a woven chair can soften up your living space and add so much texture. Plus, they are usually lightweight and easy to move around. I have another pair at my house that has been in pretty much every room of the house. They are so versatile and especially great for VRBO projects because they aren’t upholstered. You can even opt for an outdoor version for more durability!

The open book on top is the Beaches book by Gray Malin. We wanted some of his larger wall art, but this was an affordable alternative!



High + Low Woven Chairs

Durable Coffee table

We went back and forth on the coffee table. Because we were decorating a VRBO, we needed DURABLE coffee table ideas… they couldn’t just be cute.

Originally I wanted to go with a slightly larger scale coffee table from Room & Board, but it was a bit out of budget. We found this “look for less” black coffee table from West Elm and it ended up being the perfect size for our space.

I love how it has a bit of space on the lower shelves for styling. The living room is very minimal by design, so I appreciated the opportunity to inject a little bit of personality with some fun decor books.

Side table stools

Decorating a living room with function in mind, it is important to include a place for every seat to have a place to set down a drink. We weren’t working with a lot of room here, so we turned to our favorite sneaky space saving (and budget friendly) trick… using stools as side tables. These metal stools from West Elm are lightweight and can be moved around by guests as needed (footstool, extra seating, etc.).

We had originally planned a different layout with one stool on each end of the sofa, but ended up changing the seating arrangement on install day. Luckily, these stools rolled with the punches!

We styled with more books (got a great haul at a thrift store) and plenty of faux plants for a pop of green.

wall art with personality

Keeping the wall art minimal was important because

  • The kitchen had a lot going on
  • We wanted things to feel calm, restful and neutral

However, we did find a few places to inject a little personality with some statement making wall art.

Chelsea found this cheeky and colorful print on a trip to Palm Springs, and it found its home tucked away in the office.

I found this set of cow pictures at Tuesday Morning and since they were totally random, we almost didn’t use them. But something about them made me happy. So we compromised and put them in the laundry room with a row of wall hooks.

Finding purpose for A small space

The house has an unusual room next to the kitchen that didn’t seem to have an identity. Initially, we toyed with making it a hidden dining room or a workout space. In the end, though, we decided to go with the idea of decorating an office because often clients rent VRBO for work purposes.

We included a simple desk, another rattan chair (of course), a floor plant, and a rolling chair that matches the dining chairs. Simple and functional.

Bar cart

We knew we wanted to add a “bar cart” area to the space between the living room and the kitchen, and we wanted this to be a focal point.

We started with an open rattan console and added some fun bar elements and styling accents.

But the real star of the show is the custom neon sign, which casts the entire space in a moody pink glow when darkness falls. It’s so hard to convey through pictures, but this element just brings a memorable energy to the space… which is exactly what you’re looking for when you seek to create a great guest experience at a VRBO. Deliberate decorating ideas like this can make a BIG impact!

the pink door

The Pink Door VRBO is located in downtown Loveland, CO and is the perfect location for exploring downtown Loveland and all the fun activities Northern Colorado has to offer!

Thanks for checking out the living room tour; I hope you found some affordable VRBO decorating ideas that you can use! I’ll be back next week with the final details of the project… the bedrooms and the backyard!


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