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Building A Home? A Simple Guided Journal Helps You See What You Really Want

What if I told you that the simple act of journaling could help you take a giant step forward toward building a home of your dreams? 

Would you do it?

I know it sounds crazy. Too good to be true.

But consider this…. every beautiful thing was once an idea.  

And if improving your living situation is on your list of someday dreams, I promise you will get there a lot faster by getting clear on the details of your vision. 

You’ll never be able to move toward that goal without first opening your mind up to all the possibilities of what could be.

How A Journal Helped Me When Building My Home

We broke ground on our house in 2019, but I started thinking and dreaming about it all the way back in 2013. 

For years, I

  • collected inspiration
  • studied floorpans
  • created a picture in my mind of the home I wanted to create for my family. 

Then, when the time came, I used all the ideas I had carefully considered to help make the final outcome look the way I had envisioned. 

All my research, planning, and dreaming resulted in an easy building process because I knew exactly what I wanted.

You can read more in-depth about my process for visioning when you’re building a home (including more journal info) by clicking the button below.

I used a few different methods to help me paint a vivid picture in my mind, but I would say my journaling practice helped me gain the most clarity on the function and feelings I wanted to attain during the home building process. 

Journaling is an amazing tool for uncovering personal insight.”

Benefits of Journaling

A journal can be a great tool to help you build a clear vision when building a home.  

Here are some of the ways journaling can help:

  • Journaling will give you clarity by helping organize and sort out your thoughts + feelings.
  • When you take the time to write about your past and future desires, you can gain a better understanding of them. 
  • Writing down your thoughts can also help you to gain insight into how you are really feeling.
  • Journaling can help you to gain clarity on a particular issue or situation, as it allows you to slow down and take the time to deeply consider why you feel the way you do.
  • Additionally, journaling can give you a sense of relief, as it can help you to express your emotions in a safe and private way.
  • The safe space of a journal can allow you to dream big without censoring yourself.

Top Tips for Using A Journal When Building A Home

Getting started with journaling can seem daunting if you’ve never really done it before. Many people have told me that they just don’t enjoy writing or that they sit down and don’t really know what to write.

That’s ok!

These tips will help you get started.

  • Write without a filter – Remember that your journal is for you and only you. No one ever has to read what you write. When you allow yourself the freedom to write anything that comes to mind, you will uncover truths that have been buried deep inside you. Sometimes they might surpriese you, but it will feel so good to “say” them out loud.
  • Reread + reflect – Often I’ll write for a predetermined amount of time and when the timer goes off I close the book and walk away. But every so often, I skip the writing and turn to reading. Grab a highlighter and take 15-20 minutes to reread your past several journal entries. Maybe at the end of the week or once a month. Note anything that seems particularly important or surprises you. Sometimes big insights will jump off the page if you do this.
  • Use a guided journal – Journaling well is a skill and it takes some time to get comfortable with the process. If you find that you are struggling to write or finding that the process isn’t enjoyable, a guided journal might be a good option for you. A guided journal asks you questions… and all you have to do is write your answer! Easy peasy.
These free journal prompts will help you building a home by learning more about your dreams and desires for your home.

A Guided Journal For Building Your Dream Home Vision

I condensed all those years of mental preparation I put in while dreaming up our home into a one-week guided journal.

It is the perfect first step toward making your dreams a reality.

In just 15 minutes of focused time with this guided journal, you will gain the clarity you need to help paint a clear picture of what you truly desire in a home.

This works if you are building, remodeling or searching for a new home. 

And it will help you

  • gain clarity
  • think deeply about what you are looking for in a home
  • prioritize what’s important.
Building a home journal.  This graphic shows a guided journal for building a home.

I’m excited to introduce people to the art of journaling, especially for my fellow friends who are building a custom home or working hard to transform the home they already have.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of this practice.

It has become somewhat of my personal mission to show people how they can learn about themselves and improve their lives through this process of self-discovery.

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Happy journaling!



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