Small Closet Organizing Solutions

8 Ideas for A Reach-In Closet Layout

Whether you are building a custom home or remodeling, the time will probably come when you need to choose a reach-in closet layout. Gone are the days of a single rod…builders and remodelers know that a well-designed closet layout can help keep your closet organized and bring ease to your daily routine.

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Small Closet Organizing Solutions
I had this really odd closet in our last house, but was able to store SO MUCH in this tiny space because of my carefully planned closet layout.

During our custom home build, I scoured the internet looking for ways to efficiently plan my reach-in closet layout (especially my kids’ closets). A trim carpenter can do so much with simple rods and shelves… the options are virtually endless! In this post I will share some reach in closet layout tips and ideas to help you plan your perfect reach in closet layout!

Things To Consider Adding to your Closet Layout

  1. Top Shelf– You can leave this empty or store rarely used items on bins.
  2. Tall Hang– Almost every closet layout for adults should include one tall-hang section for dresses and coats.
  3. Mid Hang– These are a nice option for tweens and teens. You get a little extra height and can add shoe shelves underneath or a few shelves on top that you wouldn’t get with a full tall-hang configuration.
  4. Short Hang– Maximize hanging space with 2 short-hang compartments stacked on top of each other.
  5. Shelves– Can be narrowly spaced (shoe shelves and hats) or widely spaced (great for storing baskets with accessories or stacked sweaters). If you’re building a custom closet, your carpenter can space the shelves according to the things you know you’ll need to store.
  6. Cubbies– Keep things extra organized by building 12 x 12 cubbies to hold fabric bins and keep books or toys compartmentalized in a kids closet layout.

Reach In Closet Layout Ideas

I like to sketch my closet layout ideas simply (as you’ll see below). Don’t overthink the dimensions and measurements too much at first, just think about the way you want your closet layout to function.

What do you want to reach easily? Things on shelves? Things that hang? Do you have a special collection that you need to store front and center? Are you going to add some dressers or drawers? Do you want to keep it simple with shelves now and add baskets/bins later?

Closet Layout Idea # 1

I like this layout because it gives a lot of flexibility. Plenty of evenly spaced shelving on the left can be used for a variety of purposes as your needs change. There is a good, even mix of hanging space in this closet layout as well.

Layout Idea # 2

This is a common closet layout because it’s a classic. The closet space is divided roughly into 3 parts. Long and short hanging spaces are divided by a column of shelves for storing shoes, bins, etc. In a kids’ closet, toy bins or a roll out cart can be placed on the floor of the long hang space since kids clothes aren’t as long.

Layout Idea # 3

This closet layout is great for kids because most of the hanging space is within reach. There are shelves for toys and books up high (no pulling things off the shelf!) and you can hang things off of the tall hang rod using s-hooks or c-hooks if you don’t need the hanging space for them yet.

Layout Idea # 4

A twist on the previous closet layout, this design puts shelves at easy reach so kids can easily grab books and toys when they need them.

For an adult this keeps shoes low (my preference) and hanging items at a comfortable height. I would use the upper hanging for shirts here and the lower hanging portion for pants!

Layout Idea # 5

Don’t have a lot of tall things to hang? Consider a mid-length hanging section. This allows you to add a few shelves above or below your hanging items for extra storage. It is also easier than a tall-hang compartment for teens/tweens to access.

Layout Idea # 6

Here, I added in a couple of new elements. Cubbies are just shelves with built in vertical dividers. In some cases, I find that a little bit of extra compartmentalization helps things stay more organized. Some people might find them to be limiting, however… so think about how you plan to use the space!

Many trim carpenters can also build drawers into your space. One or two well-placed drawers can add a lot of hidden storage to your closet layout and help hide some smaller items that otherwise tend to look like clutter.

Drawers are great for:

  • Ties
  • Undergarments and socks
  • Belts
  • Sunglasses
  • Jewelry
  • Personal items, passports, electronics

Layout Idea # 7

If you don’t hang a lot of your clothes, dresser drawers are a perfect addition to your closet layout. They can hold a lot of folded clothes (pants, t-shirts, undergarments) in a way that stays neat + tidy.

Tip: If built in drawers aren’t in the budget, you can build an open space into your layout and slide an existing dresser (or a flea market find!) inside for affordable custom storage.

Layout Idea # 8

If you don’t have anything long to hang, you can fit SO MUCH in a reach in closet. Look at all those shelves!

Closet Organization Tools (for future reference)

All of these layouts are the perfect blank slate for creating an organized closet. Here are some tools that I love adding when I’m planning a closet organization project and some notes about how I use each item.

Which closet layout is your favorite?

Closet layout planning is something I truly love. Everyone uses their space so differently, and I think it is fun to see what closet layouts work best for different people.

Let me know in the comments which design is your favorite and why! I’d love to know,

Thanks for stopping by today!


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