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DIY Glamping Ideas

Once in awhile I start obsessing daydreaming about something and I go into full on research mode. Currently, I’m scouring the internet for DIY glamping ideas. I am so excited to set up the ultimate backyard glamping site this summer for our family!

Last summer we were all set to stay at Under Canvas, an award winning glamping resort. I was sooooo excited, but unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate. The night we were supposed to stay there was a tornado warning and a huge storm, which prevented us from checking in.

Initially I was disappointed, but when we got home I decided to use the opportunity to bring the experience to US. I researched canvas tents and landed on this brand of canvas bell tent (we went with the 16-ft version).

We used it several times at home as well as on the road last summer and I am absolutely in love with it. It is super easy to set up and so roomy inside. We have even used it as a “party lounge”!

Now that we have our feet wet in bell tent camping, I’m ready to step up our game and go full-on GLAMPING this summer.

I’m planning to set up our tent in a semi-permanent fashion… leaving it up for a week at a time and using it for playdates and sleepovers while it’s up. I also booked a few nights at a local lake campground to take the fun ( a little ways) down the road too. It’s months away still, but it doesn’t stop me from planning!

I have been busy researching the best diy glamping ideas to create a functional (and stylish) setup wherever we decide to set up camp

Here are the glamping accessories I have (or plan to buy) to complete our diy glamping setup

Glamping Lighting

Solar String Lights

I am a huge proponent of ambient lighting…just because. Nothing makes a backyard or campsite feel more magical than a string of warm white cafe lights!

Vintage Style Lantern

These lanterns are only look vintage. In reality they are perfectly modern and easy to use. They operate on a dimmer, put out great light, and utilize easy USB charging… no gas to worry about!

I plan to place them on the sides of the main bed as bedside lamps and put them on the picnic table at dinnertime.

Mini Lanterns

Did I mention I love mood lighting? The more light the better!

I picture these mini lanterns hung from simple black Shepard’s hooks on the outskirts of a campsite. They can mark important spots and make it easier to find your way around in the dark!

Glamping Essentials

Bell Tent

The foundation of the glamping experience! I went for the 16 foot size, but this comes in a smaller 12 foot version and a HUGE 20 foot version. Another thing I love about this. tent is that you can unzip the bottom and just use the top part as a canopy.

Outdoor Rugs

Indoor/Outdoor rugs make your campsite feel more homey and glamorous, but they also help keep things more. clean! I love the selection from Target!

Camping Cots

Some people love air mattresses, but I haven’t had great luck with them in the past. My dad loaned us these camping cots and once we tried them I was hooked.

They are easy to pop up, sturdy, and they keep you off the ground!

I’ve even had the kids sleep on them at home when they have sleepovers with friends.

You can also use them as a sofa/bench in your bell tent if you are making more of a “lounge” setup.

Camping Pads

These camp pads have great reviews (and they match our tent) so they were a no brainer for me.

Camping goods stores have a wide selection of self-inflating pads like these that roll up for easy transport and provide a cozy layer of protection if you’re sleeping on a cot, the ground, or even in your car!

Pendleton Blankets

I love old camp blankets. The heavier the wool, the better! Plus, I feel like Pendleton’s classic designs are a perfect way to add style to your glamping setup.

These Motor Robe blankets are great because they roll up with their own strap and are soft and durable to throw over beds or use around the campfire.

Rolling Footlocker

We have a few of these plastic footlockers for lake storage, and I love their functionality. I am planning to buy 2 and use them to permanently house our camping supplies for easier packing.

I love them because they:

  • roll
  • stack
  • latch shut
  • double as side tables or bench seating

Glamping Kitchen

Cast Iron Pan

Admittedly, my idea of GLAMPING has previously excluded most cooking.

Helloooooo Grubhub!

BUT I’m looking to branch out and expand my repertoire this season, so I’m investing in one multipurpose cast iron pan (and a good cleaning brush) for pancakes and eggs al fresco.

Insulated French Press

There are many ways to go about campfire coffee, but this French press has so many good reviews…it’s the one I’m going with (plus it’s super affordable!).

According to the reviews, you just put in some coarse ground coffee, pour some hot water on top and in a few minutes you’ll have a few hot cups of coffee (that will stay hot in their own container).

Stylish Cooler

I love the matte black of this cooler. I have some awesome Yeti Coolers (which I’ll also use) but I think one of these gorgeous Coleman coolers would be an ideal drink cooler to set by the fire (and serve as a side table or an extra seat).

Camp Stove

This camp stove is a classic and has consistently good reviews. You can set it up on a folding table and get cooking!

Enamel Dining Set

This dining set is so beautiful… I could use it as my indoor set too. I went with the charcoal set, but they have several other earthy colors that would be at home in a range of color palettes.

Glamping Campsite

Camp Chairs

I looked at A LOT of camping chairs. And they all looked too much like… camping chairs. Until I stumbled upon these beauties; they perfectly fit the or the glamping vision I had in mind.

They come in white or my favorite Olive drab. I’m in love.


Zero percent necessary. But I’ve found that fun flags and buntings can make a great design statement when draped over tent lines… plus they help make them more visible so people don’t trip over them!

I do flag ones in July, but these monochromatic black ones would be stylish all season long.

Smokeless Fire Pit

Sure, there are cheaper ways to make a fire. But this is glamping after all. And there is nothing glamorous about getting blinded by errant smoke. This keeps the heat and the fire central and cuts way, way down on the amount of smoke so everyone can enjoy their campfire experience a little bit more.

Log Carrier

Come prepared. This just makes life easier, and will prevent bark from chipping off and sticking all over your car upholstery on the drive to your destination.

Hanging Toiletry Kit

Keep all toiletry items in one place, with a handy hook for hanging. If you’re staying somewhere with a bathroom facility, it’s great to be able to just grab this and go. If not, hang it from a hook in your tent or car so everyone can easily find what they need.

Boat Tote

These are classics for a reason, and I love them for road trips and camping.

Pack one with games and activities for kids to pull out, or maybe dedicate one purely to snacks?

First Aid Kit

Not sexy… but important. If you’re leaving home, it’s wise to pack one,

Solar Generator

Total disclaimer… this one is an investment.

But if you’re going to be glamping, this generator has the ability to power all your devices for a weekend trip and just generally make life easier.

We invested in one more as an emergency preparedness measure… but we might as well use it to make our camping trips more enjoyable too, right? You can recharge it using your car, a wall outlet, or the solar panels.

They make a variety of sizes depending on your needs… check out the info on their site to help you find one that suits your needs.

And there you have it… my diy glamping ideas for a summer full of fancy camping fun!


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