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Jewelry Storage and Organization: Easy Ideas to Try

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. This doesn’t affect my recommendations; I only recommend products I truly love. Thanks for shopping these links to support the content I provide! xoxo Suzette

Chances are, you’ve never given much thought to your jewelry storage system. Maybe you hang your necklaces on a door handle or toss smaller pieces haphazardly into a jewelry box. Maybe you haven’t bothered taking the time to organize your collection because you don’t think you have anything valuable to store. So what!?!?!

Jewelry organization can be a rewarding and fun project to tackle because it is small enough to accomplish in a short time. It isn’t one of those big, daunting tasks that will take you days; it is a little something you can do TODAY to show yourself some love.

I personally like to think of my jewelry as art! I have one central “jewelry station” where I utilize almost all of the ideas you’ll see here; it kind of looks like a little jewelry store!

Most of the items pictured are costume jewelry… things I’ve picked up on sale at the JCrew outlet (best statement necklaces ever!), Charming Charlie or from my short lived stint as a Stella & Dot rep. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t valuable in a financial sense. They make us happy to look at and deserve to be displayed in a way that is easy to access and enjoy.

Information Graphic displaying 5 types of jewlery storage options.

You can mix and match the following ideas to create a store-worthy jewelry display of your own. Pick what works for you in your home!

Jewelry Storage Stand

I was walking through a “Going Out of Business” sale at a store in the mall awhile back, and I found this jewelry display stand on sale for $10. Retail fixtures are typically very sturdy, so I was excited to bring this storage stand home. Since I wear a lot of bangles, having a place to both see and access my bracelets quickly is very helpful.

Jewelry Storage Stand

Tiered jewelry stands like this are available everywhere from Claire’s to the Container Store at different price points and with different options. Some have a little tray on the bottom with a place to store rings and earrings!

If you don’t have a lot of jewelry, this single piece could serve as your primary jewelry display system. Necklaces go up top (double or triple loop longer strands of beads so they don’t drag). Bracelets go on the middle bar, and smaller items belong in the bottom tray.

This wood jewelry stand is compact, has 3 rows for storage, and a nice tray on the bottom for under $20.

JackCubeDesign | Amazon

Jewelry Display Bust

As I mentioned earlier, I signed up to be a Stella and Dot rep a few years ago. Turns out direct sales isn’t my forte (I booked a whopping total of one party…for my sister). Fortunately, I walked away with some functional jewelry display pieces that I am still loving to this day. Not a total loss!

I never would have thought to purchase a jewelry display bust. Since I had it anyway, I decided to use it. Can I just say that it makes me unreasonably happy? When I look at my little jewelry area I feel like I have my own private boutique. Little things like that have a funny way of bringing joy to the everyday.

Jewelry Storage Bust

Here, I highlighted one statement necklace, but I often layer 2 or 3 on top of each other for an artful arrangement. Your prettiest pieces deserve to shine!

Simple jewelry display stands like this one are available for around $10. You could customize your own by spray painting it or covering it with your choice of fabric.

Wooden Necklace Stand | Wayfair

Stacking Tray Jewelry Storage

Jewelry Storage Trays

The beauty of stacking trays is that they protect your valuables, create a beautiful display, and maximize your use of vertical space. You can even group sets together (earrings with matching necklace, for example) to make getting ready even easier.

Stacked Jewelry Storage Trays

I use the stacking trays to store less frequently used items that benefit from a little breathing room. This is a good option for items that don’t hang well, are heavy, or are unusually shaped.

When I’m getting dressed, I simply pull down the stack and spread out the trays. In less than 30 seconds, I have a quick visual representation of my options.

This system feels so luxurious!

Another added benefit is that these can be a huge time saver. Keep items separated by look (dressy, holiday, casual) or color (silvers, blacks, colors) and you can quickly locate coordinating items. You will also save time once spent untangling knotted chains if you keep necklaces well spaced and separated,

Trays similar to the ones I photographed above are available here. If you prefer more compartmentalization, try a stacking jewelry box like the one at right.

Mink Supersize Stackers | The Container Store

Small Bowls For Jewelry Storage

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of a pretty little dish to contain small, frequently used items. This doesn’t need to be purchased, you probably already have the perfect solution hiding somewhere in your home.

Jewelry Storage Bowl

This is a pretty spice bowl I pulled out of my kitchen cupboard. Some other ideas might include:

  • Teacup
  • Ramekin
  • Small tiered stand
  • Egg Cup

Be creative! If you don’t find anything at your house, this is the perfect thing to hunt for at a thrift store or garage sale.

(You’re going to keep hearing me repeat this…. but try to reuse what you have rather than buying new if at all possible.)

Wall Mounted Jewelry Storage

In the quest to balance form and function, wall mounted jewelry storage solutions are hard to beat.

Jewelry Storage Wall Organizer

This accordion style wall mount organizer is one of my favorite storage purchases I’ve ever made.

If you are lucky enough to have a walk in closet, I recommend hanging one of these racks anywhere you have blank wall space. It can be stretched out wide (shown above) or pushed inward to make it narrow and tall. If you don’t have a lot of long necklaces to store, there are tons of other ways to use the extra hooks:

  • Baseball Caps
  • Scarves
  • Name Badges
  • Belts
  • Robe

I first discovered the beauty of hanging necklaces when I nailed half a dozen nails onto the side of my bathroom cabinet on a whim. The storage technique took advantage of unused space, kept my necklaces within easy reach, and added a hint of glam to my vanity area. This worked great and is a very inexpensive solution for displaying longer pendants. If you use small nails, the jewelry covers them up and all you see are the shiny things!

If pounding random nails into your walls seems off putting, fret not. You can use clear Command Hooks! Or shop around for a stylish alternative; they are available to suit almost every style of decor.

Jewelry storage stand

I use this pretty display piece at the back of my jewelry station. There are many DIY tutorials on how to make your own. Poke around Pinterest a little to get more ideas that will meet your needs.

The upcycled picture frame style is especially great because you can hang it on the wall or use the frame stand to prop it up.

More ideas:

Jewelry Box Storage

1.| Command Hooks 2.| Pottery Barn 3.| Wal-Mart

You’ve probably used a classic jewelry box. They are popular for a reason. I love a classic jewelry box tucked away to protect my most valuable items.

Jewelry Box

With a wide variety of styles – and partitions designed to hold different types of jewelry- a jewelry box is a wonderful way to store and protect your jewelry collection.

One thing I love about storing my special, sentimental pieces in this box is that they are easy to grab and tuck away for privacy or security reasons.

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About the author: Suzette is a Northern Colorado professional organizer providing organizing services to Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Timnath and surrounding areas. She subscribes wholeheartedly to the idea that smart systems and some up front organizing work make more time for busy women to enjoy doing what they love. She has been married for over 10 years and is a mother of 2 school age children.


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