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The Perfect Spice Organizer: 10 Options To Help You Organize Your Kitchen

What are you currently using as a spice organizer? Would you say it’s working well for you? Maybe you could use a more efficient spice organization solution.

Growing up, we had a Lazy Susan cabinet as a spice organizer, and I really loved the accessibility and storage it provided (it was also super fun to spin!). As I’ve gotten older and lived in houses with varying kitchen setups, I have had the opportunity to try many other spice rack options. Today I want to share some of my favorite spice storage solutions with you.

Searching For the Perfect Spice Organizer?

Organization tools abound; there are so many genius ways to store your kitchen essentials. This list certainly doesn’t include every single spice organizer on the market, but I’m going to focus on the spice organizers I have personally used and recommend. I’ll start with low effort, low cost solutions and work my way up to more custom organization systems.

Lidded Plastic Storage Bins

If you stick around long enough, you’re going to get sick of me recommending these as a storage solution in every single article. But there’s a reason I love them so much! They’re inexpensive (these Sterilite ones from Target cost $0.99! ), they’re quick and simple to implement, and they are easy to find. They are a great spice organizer.

Pros: Easy To Use, Inexpensive, Low Commitment, Instant Gratification. See Through, Sturdy, Stackable

Cons: Harder to Access, May Not Fit Perfectly In Every Cabinet

As a spice organizer, these containers are amazing for containing wayward bottles in a neat and orderly way. The downside it that you can’t just grab and go- so they may not be the best option for the spices that you use when cooking daily. I like to use these for infrequently used spices (I’m looking at you, ground cloves) that you want to keep on hand but also out of the way.

If you’re in a home without a great place for spice storage or you have a small kitchen where maximizing space is of utmost importance, these can be filled and stacked within a pantry or cupboard to compactly store a lot of spices.

Lazy Susan

Next up, let’s look at how to use a Lazy Susan as a spice organizer. Lazy Susan inserts can be purchased in a variety of different diameters. They make accessing spices in small or awkwardly shaped cabinets more convenient.

Simply place it on the bottom of the cabinet area and load your most frequently used cooking spices for instant accessible organization!

There are many different sizes, materials, and colors available (even double deckers!). I like this Bamboo Lazy Susan  from Wayfair because it has short sides to help contain spills and keep small bottles from falling over.

Pros: Under $25, Easy to Use, Low Commitment, Sturdy, Easy Access

Cons: May have to search to find the perfect size, May not maximize vertical space in taller cabinets.

Adjustable Drawer Spice Rack Insert

Another great option is an adjustable drawer spice organizer insert. I used this in the drawer to the right of my stove at my last house, and I loved it. If you have a drawer you can spare (especially if it’s on the wider side, this insert is a WORKHORSE and will keep your spice rack out of sight yet in arm’s reach.

This Expand-A-Drawer is under $20 at The Container Store. It fits snugly into your drawer for a custom feel. Additionally, it keeps your spices straight, in line, and separated nicely while protecting the bottom of your drawer from spills.

TIP: If your drawer is wider than the maximum width of the organizer, you can put individual plastic drawer liners on the outside for extra storage. Or it is a great place to store plastic wrap and foil!

Pros: Under $20, Protects Drawer, Easy To Use, Low Commitment, Sturdy, Easy Access

Cons: Not Available Locally (Order Online), Must Have Free Drawer

Magnetic Spice Tins

If you love the uniform look of matching spices, magnetic spice tins are the way to go. If you do a web search, you will find a lot of options (sizes, prices, shapes, features). I like these ones from Amazon.

If you click on the link, you’ll see several different ways that other customers have used them in their homes. Since my stove is close to my refrigerator, I could see sticking these to the side of the fridge with my favorite spices.

One caveat with these is that you have to take the time to decant your spices from their original jars. This can be tricky sometimes because you will have more than will fit into the tin and then you have to store the surplus. This is totally a personal preference, but I am too lazy!

Pros: Inexpensive, Visually Appealing, Low Commitment, Sturdy, Easy Access

Cons: Involves Some Effort to Setup, May Not Hold a Large Volume of Frequently Used Spices

Shelf Riser Spice Rack

Shelf risers are pretty easy to come by in the organizing sections of most stores. These are nice additions to an upper cabinet near the stove. They’ll help you keep your spices in line and within easy reach. This 10″ option from Bed Bath & Beyond is bare bones, but I like the non-skid lining and low price point. If you’re looking to fill a bigger space, look for an expandable option to provide a better fit for your space.

Pros: Inexpensive, Low Commitment, Easy to Use, Sturdy, Easy Access, Instant Gratification

Cons: May be Hard to Find The Correct Size, Need Upper Cabinet Space

In-Cabinet Spice Rack Drawer

Although I haven’t used this exact tool, I use a similar device for storing my K-Cups and I love it. This SpiceStack 24-Bottle Spice Organizer sits easily inside any upper cabinet. It allows you to pull out spices as needed (and still leaves room for you to sit more items on top, which maximizes vertical storage). The white color is versatile, and you can easily label each pull out according to what type of spices are inside. I always love a good labeling opportunity!

Pros: Easy to Use, Low Commitment, Sturdy, Easy Access, Room for Labels, Maximizes Vertical Space

Cons: More Costly than Others (~$40), May Not Be Available Locally

Custom Spice Race Options

Finally, I have some ideas if you’re ready to take a jump into a more permanent spice rack. There are so many things you can do to retrofit your existing cabinets to maximize spice storage.

I have been using this Rev-A-Shelf 6′ spice pullout rack and am really loving the efficiency it affords. It has adjustable pegs so that you can place the shelves at the perfect height for the jars you regularly buy. I use a lot of spices when I cook, so I removed one of the shelves to make room for my large bulk spice containers.

I’m always amazed at the awesome feedback I hear from my readers after I post something. If you have another awesome spice organizing solution I missed, I’d love to hear more about it in the comments below. Thanks for checking out my blog today!

About the author: Suzette is a Northern Colorado professional organizer providing organizing services to Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Timnath and surrounding areas. She subscribes wholeheartedly to the idea that smart systems and some up front organizing work make more time for busy women to enjoy doing what they love. She has been married for over 10 years and is a mother of 2 school age children.


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