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Fall Movie Night: Plan for Fun!

There are two ways to do Fall movie night.

1.|. You can go the typical “plop yourself on the sofa and scroll until you find something that only induces mild protests and complaints from the peanut gallery” route. 

2.|. Or you can plan a “MOVIE NIGHT” (you can’t see me, but I’m adding fanfare, confetti and jazz hands over here).

If I know one thing about you, mama, I know this.  You want to make memories for your kids.  You want to go the extra mile and be a fun mom.  But after working all day, taking care of everything for everyone…you don’t have time and energy for elaborate planning. 

Elaborate theatrics sound like the opposite of a fun night. 

Also, you don’t feel like leaving the house. 

Well, I have good news for you!  

The “Fall movie night” task from the Fall Bucket List Challenge is probably one of the biggest bangs for your energy buck.  And you can do it in your sweatpants.  Without leaving your living room.  Perfect for all my fellow introverts 🙂

Yep, I feel you.  Sometimes all I want to do is curl up on the couch and veg,,, but that doesn’t seem good enough.  It feels like a cop out.  But is it?

When my daughter excitedly asks, “Can we have family movie night tonight?” I am reminded that it IS enough.  

Despite what you may be thinking, you don’t have to jump through hoops and get all elaborate to make memories for your kids.  Taking an ordinary night and  adding a few out of the ordinary details can take a Netflix to a whole new level.

Here is how to pull off a Fall movie night your kids will be asking you to repeat next year.

3 Steps to A Fun Fall Movie Night

1.| Pick a fall themed movie and set the date.  Let the excitement build.

  • If you need ideas, check out my top 10 fall movie night picks (on page 19 of the Free Fall guide).  
  • Announce the movie choice early in the week and talk it up (building anticipation is like extra special bonus magic).
  • Involve kids in the planning process!  They may have ideas that they want to execute on their own, depending on their ages.  Their buy-in means more fun for them, less work for you.
  • If you like spooky, Freeform Channel offers “31 Nights of Halloween” with different spooky movies every night. Check here to see when your favorite movie is scheduled!

2.| Pick 3 fun extras.  

First, I’m putting this right here for inspiration.  It’s one post (of many) documenting an epic annual Harry Potter themed movie night planned by my favorite blogger, Kelle Hampton.

She goes alllllllll out making a detailed, magical movie night for her family.  She puts in a ton of effort because she truly enjoys it (and if you’re this type… really go for it.  I’d love to see what you come up with!). I love how she starts the post with the caveat that she doesn’t do this stuff to be a good mom (because stuff like this isn’t a good mom requirement). She does it because it makes her happy. And, well, happy mom… happy family.

Even if this seems like way more than you have time to do, it’s a great example of how little details add up to a lot of fun at home.

I’ve created a fun bingo card below with some of my favorite details that make movie nights extra special fun.  Pick 3 (or more if you’re feelin’ it). You don’t actually have to make a bingo, but plan to wow your family with some fresh, fun surprises on Fall movie night.  

3.| Pour yourself a glass of wine, pat yourself on the back, and put a big ol’ check on this weeks challenge.  Snuggle up on the couch with your favorite people, savor the moment, and know that YOU created this memory for your family.  

That’s the best gift we can give them, after all.

Oh, and a little disclaimer:  they’ll probably ask you do do it all again next year… just wanted you to be prepared for that.



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