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A Small Kitchen Organization Project: Fall Challenge Week One!

It’s Week One of the Fall Organizing Challenge (and the first day of Autumn!). To start, I’m sharing a small kitchen organization project to get you started with the challenge.

I’m choosing a small kitchen organization project because I want it to be: SIMPLE. MEASURABLE. ATTAINABLE. RELEVANT. TIMELY. (Remember that from my challenge intro post? These are the pillars of the SMART strategy for goal setting… and that’s the filter I’m using approaching these little challenges. Think of each challenge like a little goal).

How will this small kitchen organizing project help me?

You like the idea of baking for your family.. It sounds so good in theory. But then… there’s reality.

Who has the time? Unless you bake for fun and enjoyment (like I do), baking might not seem realistic for real life.

Most of us are always rushing, rushing, rushing in the mornings. And to be honest, the process can be a hassle.

Finding a recipe. Pulling out all of those ingredients. Cleaning up all of those ingredients… ugh.

Baking is the messiest kitchen activity with the possible exception of “slime making.”

Why bother?

I believe there is a lot of hidden therapy in baking…it’s just very subtle. But it’s there! Some of the things to love about baking:

  • Quality Time With Loved Ones (kids love to help bake)
  • Intentionality + Purpose
  • Generosity (most recipes are made to be shared)
  • Delicious Smells Induce Positive Feelings (research has proven that familiar, comforting scents elevate mood)
  • Feeling of Accomplishment + Satisfaction When Finished
  • Plus… umm… you get to EAT what you made!

I can’t make more hours in the day for you, but if you want to try to incorporate more baking into your routine this season, this small kitchen organization project can quicken the process.

Create a portable baking station basket

I chose this project because it doesn’t cost much, doesn’t take much time, and it helps keep your pantry/cupboards more organized too!

I have included DETAILED instructions (and some more advanced options) in the Fall Guide you should have received after signing up for the challenge (check your email!).

It’s easy! Watch the video below, buy a basket, and spend 15 minutes assembling your baking kit. 15 minutes of time NOW will save you time for years to come.

If you’re reading this and haven’t joined the challenge yet, do that here.

No more scrambling. This is GRAB and GO. This strategy will reduce baking time AND cleanup time. No. More. Excuses. (I mean that with nothing but love…)

Oh, and one more thing. Have you ever said something like this to yourself?

  • “I’m not much of a baker.”
  • “Nothing I ever bake turns out well.”
  • “I hate baking.”

That’s not a baking issue. That’s a mindset issue. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to enjoy the benefits of creating LOVE with your own hands. That’s what baking is!

The process is much more the point than the end result… and keeping this in mind might help you get past some of those hurdles if you’re a person who hasn’t enjoyed baking in the past.

Here are My Favorite Fall Recipes if You Need Some Ideas:

If you have time to make something special:

Magnolia Table Cinnamon Squares

These aren’t necessarily difficult to make, but they are involved. Save for a very special occasion or make this a Saturday morning family activity.

Plan on splitting up the bounty and delivering smaller plates to friends or family with a pound of coffee. They’ll feel loved.  You’ll feel warm and fuzzy too.

If you’re trying to be good:

Tone It Up Pumpkin Muffins

Healthy and great for meal prep.  I like making these on Sunday and eating them throughout the week. 

I usually do mini muffins and store them in the fridge in a food storage container.  Then I can grab and go in the mornings or pack them in lunches.

If you’re craving apple pie, but can’t be bothered to actually make a pie crust:

Barefoot Contessa Apple Pie Bars

If you’re craving pumpkin, pumpkin + more pumpkin:

Paula Deen Pumpkin Bars

I make these every single fall.  And then proceed to eat most of the pan by myself.  Maybe you’ll be more disciplined than me. 

They are great for potlucks, football games, and any social food sharing situtaion.  

If you’re a baker, this is right up your alley. If you’re not… this might stretch you a bit.

Either way, `I hope you try this challenge.

Make your basket. Make something tasty.

And check in with the group or post your success on social media so we can cheer you on.

(Use this hashtag so we can see you!)


Now that you’ve successfully completed this small kitchen organization project (and week one)… get out there and enjoy the first week of Fall!

I’ll be back next week with a new challenge. See you in the group!


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