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How To Make a Simple Mood Board in Canva


0:01 Alright, today I’m going to show you really quickly how to make your own mood boards using the free online software called Canva.

0:09 So I have a pro account, so there may be some things that look a little bit different in mine, but you can definitely do this with what’s available in the free version and you don’t have to pay for it.

0:19 So sign up for an account and then when you get to the home screen you’re going to see this search bar at the top and it says search your content or Canvas. 0:26 Type in the words mood board. And a lot of different options for mood boards will pop up. You can scroll through.

0:33 It doesn’t matter which one you pick.The one thing I will say is that I like the ones that have the different colored dots and I’m going to show you how to use those here in a minute.

0:41 SoI would recommend when you’re starting with this just choose one that has the dots. One of my favorite ones is this black minimalist one which should be free. 0:50 It’s not a pro one. I don’t believe. So I’m going to click on that and then I’m going to customize this template.

0:56 you’ll see this is already populated with just some stock images.Of their existing mood board, we’re going to customize it now and make it our own.

1:05 So before you do this, you probably want to spend some time online shopping. It’s really easy to do on your phone.

1:10 Just kind of like browse around for furniture you like or accessories or rooms. And just take a screenshot using your cell phone.

1:18 Or you can do screenshots on your computer. There are computer shortcuts that will help you screenshot anything. You can just google screenshot for a Mac and you can see how to do that.

1:28 So on my computer over here on the side, you’ll see that I have these screenshots saved of some items that I selected today.

1:35 So those, all those screenshots are saved here on my desktop. So you select. Select them all. If you do have a desktop Mac, you can select all of them by just clicking, holding, and dragging down until they’re all selected.

1:47 Or you select all. And then you click them, hold it down, and drag it over. And then you’ll see that this whole little window says drop files to upload.

1:57 And so you just drag them over here, and then you release it, and then it will import those into youruploads folder.

2:05 And once they’re doneuploading, then you can start dragging them into the mood board. So I’ll start with these candles.

2:13 Sogonna click and drag, and then I can test what they look like in different areas of the mood board.

2:20 And you’ll see as I’m doing this that darn it, these all kind of get chopped off. They don’t really fit very well.

2:26 So you can always, I’m gonna drag this back and just drop it where it was, and instead of clicking and dragging it to fill a box, you can just click on it.

2:34 One time, and then it willjust be its own item that you can then grab the corners, Henry size bigger or smaller, and you can click it, hold it, drag it wherever you want to put it.

2:45 One cool thing about this. You see that there’s this white box around the outside from my screenshot, but Canva makes it really easy to remove those.

2:53 You just go up here to this edit image tab, click edit image, and then choose the background remover. It looks like a beach ball.

3:01 And then it takes a minute to think, but usually it does a really good job of pulling off the background.

3:07 So now these things arecan float over anything you want them to float over. I’ll just leave them there for now.

3:13 So I’m going to go back to, my uploads and I’m going to upload some of these images that I had.

3:22 Oops, that one doesn’t look great either. Move it down a little bit. Nope, I don’t like that. I’m going to just delete that whole box.

3:30 I’m going to delete the frame and the image and then I’m going to add my mirror and remove the background.

3:47 Sometimes it’s a little bit slow. Mirrors are tricky too. Sometimes it doesn’t remove the mirror part very well, but continuebringing- And the picture is from yourinspirations over here.

4:15 And then I didn’t have a ton, so I’m just gonna start bringing some other images over here just to fill this out.

4:22 So anyway, once you have your things saved, it’s really easy to drag those over and then these are here for you to put notes about what you like, but if you don’t need those, you can just delete them.

4:38 can put your name on it and maybe the date you want to as fancy as you want to. then I was going to show you this.

4:47 Cool color palette thing I was talking about. So what you can do is you can click on the color palette.

4:54 And when I click here on the color palette, you see these colors pop up here. And I’m going to start once if I’ve already put all my inspiration photos here.

5:03 There’s a really cool trick in here where you can pull the colors out of these photos to come up with your color palette for your room.

5:10 So I’m going to just click the first bar here. And then I’m going to go to photo. And this will pull colors from all the photos that I already uploaded.

5:20 So I have lots of colors to choose from that are from my inspiration images. So you can go through and think, well, yeah, I’d like to have some ivory.

5:28 I think that would be really cool. It’s really pretty. So I changed that one to ivory maybe, maybe this camel color the burgundy would be nice and I think a little bit.

5:40 A little bit of like a gray and the same thing down here. That’s in the way.This photo color, see all.

5:52 Maybe I want black as well. It’s always good to have a stark green. I like the dark green. There we go.

6:01 And so now I’m seeing this really nice color palette that reflectsthe, the. The pictures and these colors are pulled directly from the pictures that I already chose.

6:10 And then when I’m shopping for fabrics or furnishings, I can check whether those things that I find match up against this color palette.

6:19 This is a really fun tool.You can play with it and play with it and play with it.That’s just a quicka quick example of how you can make a simple mood board on Canva.

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