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Where to start if home organization is your New Year’s Resolution

Is it just me, or have New Years’ Home Organizing challenges gotten our of control?

Maybe it’s because I follow so many organizers on social, but judging from my scrolling this week, everyone and their grandma is ringing in the new year with a big black trashbag in hand.

Except me. I’m just not feeling it.

You too?

I’ve been hibernating in the bath with a novel, but I’ve been thinking about making some moves around here. I swear.

If you’re also in this in-between place (the place where you have some home organization related New Years’ resolutions but don’t know where to start)… I feel ya’.

Here are a few simple pieces of advice I have given clients in the past to help them get started.

I need the reminder too.

4 Easy ways to start tackling your home organization goals

1. Think It Through

Don’t just jump in feet first, take some time to self-reflect.

  • Start with defining what an organized home means to you.  
  • Start with thinking about how much of a priority this project really is to you right now (if you have more pressing things to be doing, be honest with yourself).
  • Start with asking, “Why is this my resolution?” or “What do I hope to gain if I accomplish this?”

Not a journaler? Here is a free printable mini-journal with prompts to get you started!

2. Be Yourself

Achieving an organized home can mean something different to every person.

  • It can mean you finally put away “THE PILES.”
  • It can mean you’ve made a commitment to simply cleaning up your living spaces each night and stuck with it.
  • It can mean gazing proudly at temporarily color coded and styled spaces that will inevitably get messy if they are actually used (are you ok with that?).  
  • It can mean you took some time to sit down and think through the functions of problem areas in your home and you’ve identified a small improvement to make things work better.

Pay attention to how “organizing challenge” type content makes you feel. Does it make you feel excited and inspired?   Great!  Jump in and have fun!

But if it makes you feel stressed and overwhelmed and incompetent… start with taking the pressure off yourself.

(The free mini-journal download has a checklist to help you identify your real goal and suggests some possible aligned actions to get you started. Below I’ve Included part of that exercise).

organizing goals quiz

3. Start Small

Once you’re clear on your needs and have a grasp on what you realistically hope to accomplish, begin with a manageable space.  

  • Clear out ONE drawer.
  • Take the trash out of your car.  
  • Clear a pile off of your desk.  
  • Throw away some expired food in your fridge.

4. Phone a Friend

If you can’t find the motivation to get started… call in reinforcements.

  • Invite a friend over who loves to organize and make it fun AND social. Cocktails optional.
  • Alternatively, hire a professional organizer to spend a few hours with you to get the ball rolling.  

You’ll be shocked at how effective setting aside time for someone else to come hold you accountable can be!

Above all… know that yes, living in a decluttered and functional space can make life easier.  It has been proven to decrease stress and improve mental health.  It just feels good!  

But if it doesn’t come naturally to you and you aren’t excited about it, try not to feel guilt, shame or self-doubt.  Just take it one day at a time and feel confident that you’re now armed with some ideas about where to start with home organization projects that feel good to you when the time is right.

I know I’ll get a burst of energy and see the surfaces of my house again… eventually.

Until then, I’m taking the time I need and easing into this New Year slllllooooowwwwllllly.  If you need me, I’ll probably be in the bathtub.

Happy New Year, friends.


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