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Pro Organizers Weigh In: The 5 Home Organizing Trends Clients Want Now

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Before I was a professional organizer, I was just a girl with a Pinterest board and a love of neatly curated spaces. Now that I’ve staked my claim in pro organizer land, I still find that one of the most enjoyable parts of this gig is keeping up with current home organizing trends.

Hellloooo Pantry Porn.

I love looking at the pretty pictures and seeing what people are up to, but sometimes even I wonder,

“Do people actually do this in real life?”

To get a feel for what other home organizing professionals are actually seeing on the job lately, I reached out to my friends in the Inspired Organizer network. I asked them which trends their clients are asking for in their home organization work; their answers are all 💯 attainable, practical solutions that you can incorporate into your home too!

Want to hear what’s hot in home organizing? Read on.

Home Organizing Trend #1:

Mental Clarity

One trend I’ve seen coming out of stay home orders is people who are finally ready to declutter and simplify. This is a wonderful thing!!!

Katie Regelin Order Restored

I’ve noticed that people are rediscovering the importance of their own home environment and the incredible impact it has on their overall mental and physical health. I’ve had clients reach out for me to help them in redesigning spaces and organizing their home to make it a peaceful space and use its full potential.

Orna Fathers Grace This Space Interiors

This was music to my ears. These ladies hit the nail on the head with the mindset element, and I think it’s an important place to start.

I always like to do some mindset coaching with my clients at the beginning of our work together, and the fact that more and more people are coming into the home organizing process with a true desire to change is a huge step in a positive direction.

If these ideas resonate with you, now is the perfect time to reach out to someone who can coach you and help you meet your goals.

Home Organizing Trend #2:

Board Game Pouches

A lot of clients are using the plastic zipper pouches for puzzles and games.

Caitlin Van Dusen This Joyful House

Raise your hand if you did a puzzle or played a board game during quarantine.

Now, keep your hand raised if said puzzle or board game was missing a piece.

Yep. Me too.

Enter the latest organizing sensation… board game/puzzle storage pouches.

Instagram | Hello Happy Home

Have you seen this yet?

I haven’t personally tried it, but I have to say that every time I stare into my own game closet and gaze upon the Apples to Apples cards and Hungry Hippos marbles littering the floor… it crosses my mind. I’ll keep you posted.

Shop Pouches

TIP: | Look for keywords like “Legal”, A3, and 17″ to make sure your pouch is large enough!

Home Organizing Trend #3:

Rolling Carts

The IKEA Raskog is getting a lot of attention. Great for crafts and virtual learning.

Sheeba Uzzaman Simplify With Sheeba

I’m seeing a lot of rolling cart organization, using an IKEA cart or similar product. Can be used for everything from knitting, to kids craft supplies, to a changing station essentials cart.

Sandi D’Arezzo Hello Simplified Professional Organizing

When at-home learning started, I wheeled my trusty rolling cart out of my own office and into my daughter’s room. Lifesaver. It held everything together even when I couldn’t.

She’s not giving it back. Now I need to buy another one.

Naturally, given my current obsession with all things cobalt, this is the one I’m eyeing:

Entertaining Cart | The Container Store

I’ve been singing the praises of rolling carts for awhile now. They are just so darn versatile, I’m not surprised they made the list.

A rolling cart is good for:

  • Homework Station
  • Makeup HQ
  • Spa On Wheels
  • Mudroom Organizer
  • Playroom Storage
  • Coffee Bar
  • Laundry Supplies

The possibilities are truly endless.

I 🖤 These Carts:

Home Organizing Trend # 4:

Luxe Closets

I’m seeing master closets that have a “boutique feel” where clients are encouraged to keep only what they love, enjoy, and need (basic staples), thus making stepping into one’s closet an enjoyable experience.

Sharon Carter Haven Home Organizing

Luxury boutique closets!

Mindy Foster Love Your Space Organizing

In our last home we had a weird sunroom off the master bedroom. But I didn’t need a sunroom… I needed more closet space!

With more time than remodeling budget, I brought in a hodgepodge of rolling racks and shelving units. I installed hooks and shelves and made that sweltering room my own personal sauna boutique.

Now this is totally on trend. I feel so validated.

Want to give it a go?

This look can be achieved in many ways.

The IKEA Pax closet system has been used with incredible results all over the web.

I also like the modular units available from Pottery Barn and Ballard.

Sarah Closet Collection | Ballard Designs

Or go the DIY route.

Pin It For Later!

Home Organizing Trend #5:

Cube Organization

Cube organization is great for kids’ toys. You can add bins, baskets, or stack larger toys or books in the cubes alone. I’m using a cube shelf at the bottom of my nursery closet to utilize all vertical space. There’s only one rod for clothes so I would be wasting all the space underneath. This gives lots of room for bins with clothes, supplies, toys, etc.

Sandi Moon D’Arezzo Hello Simplified Professional Organizing

An oldie, but a goodie.

I, too, use a cube organizer to make the most of the storage on the floor of a closet. These have been around for awhile and they are still going strong for a good reason: they hold a ton of stuff and they keep it organized.

Cube Organizer | Walmart

Do you use a cube organizer? Tell me how in the comments!

There you have it… from the mouths of the professionals. These 5 things are some of the current trends that women just like you are implementing into their home organizing repertoire with great results.

Do you see yourself giving any of these a go in your space?

Let me know your favorite in the comments below!

Thanks for checking out the list. I’m glad you’re here.


P.S. If you want help tackling these (or any) organizing projects… I have a plan for that! Check out my services page and let’s chat. I’d love to create a plan for your space.


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